Organizations and Individuals

Who do we work with?

Organization Clients

Our clients range from large, international companies that have been with us for more than a decade to small start-ups that came to us before they had a product or work team. Regardless of size or years in business, our clients value our approach to establishing effective working relationships with all levels in an organization, a result of our years of working with people from the shop floor to the C-suite, as well as with suppliers and customers.

Our client list crosses many industries as well as academic institutions, governmental agencies, and non-profit organizations. Respect, candor, a customized approach, and exceptional deliverables serve all equally well, regardless of the organization type or scope of the engagement.

Personal Development Clients

When we work with individuals and groups, our approach is based upon each unique request and need. Our personal development clients encompass a wide range of life situations and are often referred to us by organizations.

We generally serve as consultants, but in some situations we coach, and in other circumstances teach and lead. To support personal development, we provide assessments and feedback, advise individuals and dyads, facilitate groups, and organize and conduct retreats.