Technical Workforce Development Services

Technical Knowledge, Skill and Ability Assessments

Development Concepts develops EEOC-compliant content-validated technical knowledge, skill and ability assessments for use in candidate selection processes as well as determining incumbent training needs. We specialize in industrial and transit assessments, with clients ranging from the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority to Alcoa, spanning jobs from diesel bus mechanic to industrial electrician. Use of a content-validated assessment assures the client that a complete linkage is established between the written expectations of the job, the observed actual tasks and activities of the job and the content of the assessment, and that the content of the assessment reflects the important job activities, knowledge, skills and abilities. In this way, candidate scores truly represent their potential performance on the job. Development Concepts also has an array of "off-the-shelf" technical assessments that can be revised to suit special needs or used as-is for circumstances where a validated assessment is not desired.

Click here for a listing of our standard tests and their descriptions.

Technical Training Curriculum

We believe training curriculum is most effective when the content is customized to reflect the actual tasks, equipment and processes that the specific job entails. This permits the student to relate fundamental concepts to the equipment and processes they work on.

Our approach to developing training curricula emphasizes mastering fundamental knowledge, critical thinking (in particular troubleshooting) and applied/hands-on competencies. We have developed a broad range of technical curricula, from U.S. Department of Labor-recognized apprentice programs to individual, small scope training projects, from industrial maintenance to transit maintenance of way.

Click here for a listing of our standard curriculum modules and their descriptions.

Review and Evaluation of Existing Assessment & Training Systems

Not sure where your candidate selection processes, assessments or training programs stack up in comparison to best practices? We can review and evaluate your existing systems and identify areas of potential opportunity or risk, and provide recommended actions to take to address your specific needs or concerns.

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