Personal Development Services

How do we support your personal development efforts?

Our focus is to help you live your best life, whether you need support for a singular task or
if you are beginning a multi-year challenge.
Our job is to help you increase your success, happiness and health by clarifying options, helping you plan how to get where you want to go, and providing the tools to get there.

Many personal development efforts fail when approached in an isolated, single task fashion. We take a holistic perspective and group our primary service areas as below for descriptive purposes.

Career Assessment, Evaluation & Planning

Students determining academic paths; graduates evaluating job and career options; adults in career transition, or who wish to be: many people make decisions about their field of study, which job to take, or the type of career to pursue without the benefit of full awareness of the options available and which are the best fit for them. Sometimes unrealistic expectations are present, but in many cases it is lack of knowledge and confidence about what is possible that prevents successful planning and effort to reach for a dream. We provide consultation and support for academic and career development plans, including integration with other life areas.

Personality, Style & Preference Assessment & Evaluation

Assessments can be used in many ways for personal growth. To paraphrase Socrates, it is critical to first know oneself. Some assessments are administered in an interview format, others as paper/pencil tests, and still others online. Depending upon the areas of interest, the results may stand alone, or you may wish to have further support in interpreting the feedback and planning of next steps. We also provide interpretation and integration of past assessments taken in another setting as is appropriate.

Skill Assessment, Evaluation & Development

Similar to personality and preference, specific skills in various work and life areas can be assessed and evaluated. These include specific work-based skills in any number of career areas as well as what are at times called “soft skills” such as leadership and emotional intelligence. Establishing a benchmark can be done in timed tests, self-report, or by 360 degree methods. Depending upon the skill level and goals, development plans can be created to strengthen existing skills or to grow in new areas. We also provide interpretation and integration of past assessments taken in another setting as is appropriate.

Consultation & Coaching for Goal Setting & Action Planning

Setting a goal is often seen as an “easy” part of life’s journey – it is the action that is believed to be “hard”. However, for some individuals, evaluating options and setting appropriate and realistic goals is not as obvious or straightforward as it might first appear. We provide consultation to help create goals that are meaningful and achievable. For others, the work necessary to determine the end goal has been accomplished, but support in creating an action plan to truly achieve the goal is what is needed. For still others, successfully completing an action plan is more likely to occur with an advisor along the way during the inevitable challenges and detours that can occur.

Life Balance Consultation & Support

Elite athletes and experts seek advisors and coaches in their areas of superior skills. For most of us in areas where we may be novices or insufficiently skilled, we are challenged to succeed and manage the full range of life expectations – both others’ and our own. Development Concepts provides consultation to help you see options, paths, and stumbling blocks that may not be clear from your perspective.

There are many approaches we can take to assist you in your personal development efforts – we customize our work based upon you and your needs.

If you are contemplating any of these areas of personal development, or if you have immediate needs where our services may be of help, contact us for a discussion about how we might assist you in your next steps.