Development Concepts Consults

With Organizations and Individuals

What do we do?

We use tools that depend upon the needs and goals of the client.
We keep it as simple and efficient as reasonable, and as cost-effective as possible.
We’re systems thinkers in our perspective, pragmatists in our approach.

Technical Workforce Development

  • Knowledge, Skills and Ability Assessments
  • Customized Techncial Training Curriculum
  • Review and Evaluation of Existing Assessment & Training Systems

Organizational Development

  • Executive, Team and Associate Development
  • Organizational Diagnostics, Change and Effectiveness
  • Maintenance Practices and Process Improvement

Personal Development

  • Career Assessment, Evaluation and Planning
  • Personality, Style and Preference Assessments and Evaluation
  • Skill Assessment, Evaluation and Development
  • Consultation and Coaching for Goal Setting and Action Planning
  • Life Balance Consultation and Support